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quotzosh circus fire show ice skating pyro


When it comes to christmas, we have a very special selection of shows and costumes for the occasion.

Weather you would like to see stilts, fire or even skating, we'll provide you the perfect advent vibe for your event.


Ballerina & Elf

Giant celebration with REAL GIANTS!

 The Elf and the Ballerina are Christmas Giants. They bring a playful and interactive Christmas vibe to all winter events.

They not just a literally huge surprise when they appear but a great photo theme under the Ballerina skirt. They play games with you nad bring the most special and memorable christmas vibe.

Length: Optional
Best for festivals and outdoor occasions.

Santa and Elf ON ICE

Santa and the Elf can Ice skate as well. They can deliver the treats to those who dare to put on skates and come to the Icerink.

They can make you sing, ask for a trick or even chase you a bit just to make sure you get the things you wished for ;)

Santa on Ice
quotzosh circus fire show ice skating swords


The Fire Show ON ICE

Pyrotechnical effects, blazing sleigh, figure skating tricks and a lot of fire. Perfect for the advent season, Christmas or winter themed events, ice rink openings.

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