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The Blus Show Quotzosh Circus

Pop Up Show

The unexpected giants

Imagine yourself at a festival. You hold a cold drink, the music is just perfect, the setting is beautiful, and the waving crowd takes you to the vibe you wished for, like in every good festival. But 


You need something they'll remember, something unexpected and mind-blowing. You need QUOTZOSH!

So in the above-described setting, the difference is that at any moment a stilt walker could pop up and do something crazy. Start dancing in the middle of the crowd, walk into the sea, steel your hat, or make you jump rope. No rules, we work with the vibe that is already there, adapt, and create situations that people are going to remember not just till the end of the festival but for years. That's gonna be the thing they tell their friends:
"Hey, we went to that festival and a gigantic man came with a big pot of fire in his hands! Man, I've never seen anything like this before!"

Length: Optional

Indoor and Outdoor

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