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Quotzosh blues show  trumpets


Quotzosh circus is a big bag of props, genres, and ideas. You can choose from a variety of our shows on stilts, with fire, aerial, acrobatics, juggling, street theatre, and more.
If you want something else, or want to mix up styles, shows, or themes, don't hesitate! We love a challenge and new ideas and we have plenty of solutions, knowledge, and jokes in our pockets at your service!

Quotzosh blues show fire hat laugh


Fire show duo with pyrotechnical effects and blazing instruments with a pinch of melancholy. 
The music author is Peter Adam, who grabbed blues' every aspect and made the perfect vibe.
The show is 20 minutes long.
Best for festivals and outdoor occasions.

The Blus Show Quotzosh Circus


Medieval or not, stilt walkers are a must in every event. They are the stamp of a good vibe. You can set the theme or the topic you want us to represent and we gonna make the crowd happy and the event memorable.
We pop up, we entertain, and we walk!

quotzosh circus stilt walker
The Pop Up Show Quotzosh Circus
FB_IMG_1593887999568 (1).jpg


The ultimate circus guide where you can get anything you need from the genre. Aerial, acrobatics, jugglers, dancers, stilt walkers, or even dog show if you wish for it.

Circus Variety Show Quotzosh Circus


The one with that big bang, the one with the fire dancers, the one with burning umbrellas, the one with the fire queens, the one with the fire juggler, the one with the floating fire, the ULTIMATE fire show!

Quotzosh circus fire show trio
The Ultimate Fire Show Quotzosh Circus
Light Dance Project Quotzosh Circus
quotzosh circus light dance project_edited.jpg


Imagine a huge canvas painted with light.

Now imagine the huge screen moving and "dancing" the projection.

This project is rethinking the “canvas” where the two-dimensional surface comes to life, dances and opens up a new visual dimension to light painting. Each device is its own invention, the large white surfaces clearly show the light-painted forms, while the movements of the dance initiate the spectacle as a continuous variable, modifying the dimensions, and creating a new connection between the light and its viewer. The projected image takes on a new meaning, the colors come to life, the forms are given depth, all culminating in the aesthetics and spectacle of the dance, about to capture the colors in motion.

spICE the fire show on ice Quotzosh Circus

spICE - The fire show on ICE

The Firebirds and Quotzosh Circus cooperate in this show where opposing elements are meeting.

Pyrotechnic effects, flaming sleighs, figure skating tricks, and lots of fire!

Perfect for Advent, Christmas, or winter-themed events, and ice rink openings.

Make the evening even more interactive: ask our ice skating Santa and elves to entertain the public or book the Ice-Dance-Along where everyone can join to learn tricks and formations together on ice.

quotzosh circus fire show ice skating pyro
Firefly Swarm Quotzosh Circus
Firefly swarm LED show quotzosh circus isis

Firefly Swarm

UV and LED show with mesmerizing props, lights, vibrant colors, neon sparkles, and the story of the firefly and the born of its lights.

Using pixel, LED, and UV props with programmed light sequences the show is full of flashes and sudden changes of light and dark with lots of colors on the way.

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